Institutional Structure for the Protection of Fundamental Human Rights at the National Level


As part of the project Supporting national human rights institutions in monitoring fundamental rights aspects of the rule of law, Slovak National Centre for Human Rights prepared a study entitled Institutional Structure for the Protection of Fundamental Human Rights at the National Level. The project is funded by EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation. (information on the FRA page)

The study analyses the institutional structure of the protection of human rights in the Slovak Republic through an analysis of the mandates of individual national institutions and public authorities.

In the Slovak Republic, every single public authority is obliged to implement human rights. Thus, a comprehensive picture of the structure of fundamental rights protection in the Slovak Republic encompasses institutions independent of the state whose primary mission is to protect fundamental rights and freedoms, public authorities to which the law explicitly entrusts competences in the field of human rights, public authorities and institutions that ensure the protection of fundamental rights within their specific mandate, and governmental advisory bodies whose role is to promote various policies related to human rights in the state policy.

The Study also provides information on procedures through which an individual can approach these institutions or public authorities. A key strategic document in the field of fundamental rights protection, namely the National Strategy for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights is also considered. The Study concludes with a final analysis of the nature of the mandate of national institutions within the human rights protection architecture and provides concluding recommendations for these institutions.

The Study is available in Slovak language as well as English language.