About us

We are an independent institution with two mandates: national human rights institution NHRI and national equality body.
What does that mean?

NHRI mandate (currently status B): national human rights institutions are independent institutions established on the basis of agreement between the UN and governments of sovereign states, who aim to monitor and analyze observance of human rights, point out their violations and spread awareness on the role of human rights in a democratic society. Extent of this mandate is regulated by law.

One of our main tasks is to ensure, that our international human rights obligations are adequately reflected in the Slovak legislative system. In this regard we annually publish Report on the observance of human rights including equal treatment principle available here:

Equality Body mandate: national equality bodies are independent organizations whose main task is to protect the rights of victims of discrimination. We acquired this mandate in 2004 based on the Equal treatment act. Since then we have been monitoring the observance of antidiscrimination legislation, providing legal aid to victims of discrimination, representing them in antidiscrimination disputes, publishing expert opinions on what is and what is not discrimination, and we have also been trying to educate and raise social awareness on negative implications of unequal treatment.