Meeting with Special Representative of the Secretary General Leyla Kayacik

As part of official visit to Slovakia, we welcomed the delegation of the Special Representative of the Secretary General on Migration and Refugees , Leyla Kayacik. The Special Representative held talks with Executive Director Silvia Porubänová and legal officers from the department of policy and international relations Zuzana Pavlíčková and Katarína Medľová. We discussed the main challenges in protecting and supporting the rights of people fleeing to Slovakia from war in Ukraine. 



Meeting with director of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

On 26 April 2022, the Centre welcomed Michael O’Flaherty, Director of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), together with Ludovica Banfi, expert in field of migration and social research. The representatives of FRA met with the Executive Director of the Centre, Silvia Porubänová, as well as with Zuzana Pavlíčková and Lilla Ozoráková, legal officers from the department of policy and international relations. During the meeting, we discussed our priorities with a view to a closer future cooperation between the Centre and FRA.



Information about providing legal assistance to persons fleeing from Ukraine

For those seeking legal assistance or general guidance on temporary asylum and asylum, we have produced leaflets in four languages - Slovak, English, Ukrainian and Russian.

The leaflet contains general information about what discrimination is, what are forms and areas of discrimination and how to proceed if a person has been victim of discrimination.

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Our work

As a part of our free legal aid services, we provide legal aid to victims of discrimination and represent parties in proceedings cocerning violations of the principle of equal treatment. We issue expert opinions and conduct independent investigations upon request of natural or legal persons, as well as on our own initiative. We also offer other services such as mediation and monitoring and participation at the legislative procedure.

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Within our mandate, we monitor and assess observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms. We publish our findings in regular reports, specifically the Report on the Observance of Human Rights, including the principle of equal treatment, in alternative reports as well as in opinions and submitted to the United Nations or other stakeholders.

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