Meeting with Special Representative of the Secretary General Leyla Kayacik


As part of official visit to Slovakia, we welcomed the delegation of the Special Representative of the Secretary General on Migration and Refugees , Leyla Kayacik. The Special Representative held talks with Executive Director Silvia Porubänová and legal officers from the department of policy and international relations Zuzana Pavlíčková and Katarína Medľová. We discussed the main challenges in protecting and supporting the rights of people fleeing to Slovakia from war in Ukraine. 

Ms Leyla Kayacik was concerned with anti-trafficking mechanisms, assistance and support for women who have been victims of violence, rape crimes and the protection of the rights of unaccompanied children. We also reported on the deepening problems in securing the right to housing for people who gain temporary asylum in Slovakia and insufficient capacity in the field of social work in relation to this group of people.

We highlighted the irreplaceable role of civil society and volunteers in providing activities and services for people coming to Slovakia from Ukraine, emphasizing the need for their support from the state, including strengthening financial capacities.