Workshop on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights for students of Trnava University


On 29 November 2023 we organized a workshop on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights for students of Trnava University as part of the online event Truniversity Debates III. What was it about?

The Charter can be considered as the EU’s fundamental Bill of Human Rights. It is a modern human rights catalogue, enshrining a wide range of rights that are not covered by any other document of its character. Provided that we implement EU law, the Charter takes primacy over the legal order of the Slovak Republic.

At the beginning of the workshop, the participants were introduced to the status and mandate of the Centre. Subsequently, the workshop focused on the Charter itself. The participants were presented with the history of the Charter and the process of its transformation from an initially non-binding document to a legally binding document that has an irreplaceable place in the legal systems of the EU member states. The workshop further focused on the structure of the Charter and the way it is implemented in the Slovak legal order. In the end, the participants were able to check their acquired theoretical knowledge of the Charter by its application to practical model cases.

The workshop was organized within the scope of the project “Supporting National Human Rights Institutions in Monitoring Fundamental Rights and Human Rights Aspects of the Rule of Law”, which is funded by the EEA and Norway Grants under the Fund for Regional Cooperation. One of the objectives of the project is to improve the status of various institutions, administrative structures, civil society organisations or vulnerable groups by raising the level of protection of fundamental rights through the stronger implementation of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.