We published Report on the Observance of Human Rights


Ladies and gentlemen, we have published a Report on the Observance of Human Rights, Including the Principle of Equal Treatment in the Slovak Republic for 2020, which is published every year by the 30th of April.

The spread of the COVID-19 disease marked the year 2020 and had a major impact on the exercise of human rights and fundamental freedoms, with a particularly negative impact on the most vulnerable groups.

Although the pandemic undoubtedly changed the way of life of each individual, the marginalized Roma Communities, persons with disabilities, older persons, homeless persons‘ Women, children and many others felt the negative effects of the measures in response much more sensitively. The COVID-l9 pandemic and the measures taken by the state authorities have further exacerbated existing inequalities and underlined vulnerability of certain groups of Slovak population.

Report on the Observance of Human Rights (pdf)