Misinformation are spread about women’s organizations


Independent and strong NGOs are an essential component of a sound democratic establishment. They help and support all of us, they try for our voice to be always heard.

They educate, publish, sensitize, operate crisis helplines and centers for women experiencing violence or organize women’s rights marches. Their activities often replace the basic functions of the state or they fight for the state authorities to be held responsible for violations of human rights – our rights.

In recent years, with concern, we have been witnessing the systematic steps taken by some state authorities to reduce the democratic space for civil society organizations. Attacks on social media and the dissemination of misinformation are also tools that seek to shake off the position of some NGOs in society, their reputation or undermine their many years of professional work and its results.

The Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic published a post on his social media, which polarizes society and spreads misinformation about the non-governmental organizations ASPEKT and the Alliance of Women of Slovakia. as well as other private individuals. Hereby, we call on Milan Krajniak to publicly apologize not only to the organizations concerned, but also to the private individuals against whom his post is directed.

If you want to know more about the activities of ASPEKT, the Alliance of Women of Slovakia and Freedom of Choice, visit: http://www.aspekt.sk/ and https://www.svedectva.sk/ and www.moznostvolby.sk.

Photo: FB ASPEKT (Dorota Holubová Photography)